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Dayspring Counseling Services

Professional Counseling from the Christian Perspective:
Offering "The Best of Both Worlds"
Why choose Dayspring  for premarital education over other providers
1. Cost
Dayspring: We counsel you on a "donation only" basis and require NO membership.
Others: May require a small fee or many times, if free, require membership at their church/facility.

2. Professionally trained and state-licensed counselors
Dayspring: We do couples & marital therapy for a living, using evidence-based, research techniques.
Others: Others use volunteers, not therapists, who teach from "a book" or merely "life experience."

3. Personalized: One counselor meets with one couple
Dayspring: Meets with one couple at a time, giving you personalized, professional feedback.
Others: In a class with other couples, doing "textbook" exercises and receiving little attention.

4. Meet on your schedule
Dayspring: Meet on weekdays, nights, and weekends to fit your schedule. See class formats below.
Others: Saturday morning classes, every few weeks, for 4 or 8 hours

To schedule, contact:

Lori Snell or Fendol Chiles

Call: 972-570-9828
Other notes:

Recommended donation amounts (payment NOT required)*:
$40 per couple for an 8 hour group class, or
$320 per couple for Individualized attention and guidance (8 - one hour sessions)
from a licensed professional counselor.

- We can also offer 2-hour sessions over 4 total sessions (total of 8 hours); other formats available
by request (e.g. a 3-hr/3-hr/2-hr or 4-hr/2-hr/2-hr format).

- Couples completing the 8-hr course qualify for a $60 discount on their Texas marriage license fee & can waive the 72-hr waiting period to get married.

In compliance with Twogether in Texas requirements, Dayspring's course totals the minimum of 8 hours. Dayspring is registered with Twogether in Texas to provide premarital education/counseling. For more information about Twogether in Texas, go to:

*Individual counselors may require registration and a credit card on file to hold your spot for the 8 hour
  weekend class. No charge will be assessed unless you decide to make a donation after completing the
  program or you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.
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