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Ivor Chester III, MT-B.C.                                                                        
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Dr. Larry Gilliam would like to introduce Ivor Chester, III MT-B.C. to Dayspring Institute. Ivor is a board certified music therapist with over 22 years of experience in using music in pediatrics to gerontology. His history includes engaging people dealing with Alzheimer’s in sing a long and rhythm groups. He has worked with special needs students to assist with alternate musical modalities for attaining lesson plan goals and objectives. Providing dynamic sessions for traumatic brain injury, P.T.S.D. patients, and creative, expressive process groups for psychiatric patients. He’s worked in nursing homes, Alzheimer’s care centers, psychiatric hospitals, public schools and seen private clients.

Because music is a universal language, it can speak in infinite ways to all people.

Some of the ways music can be therapeutically used:

  • ​Applied Music Therapy-Can include using live guitar, piano, Celtic harp and drums in a therapeutic setting to aid in expression, focus, peace and accomplishment. This is not just lessons, it is a free-form performance and play that can use music instruments in at times, unconventional ways to process and express yourself.

  • Rhythm based music therapy-We use drums and hand percussion and step dancing as an alternate way to express and release negative emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, guilt and depression. On the other hand, it can celebrate and give voice to emotions like joy, triumph, acceptance and security.

  • Meditation-Obtaining a sense of God given peace and wellness by learning, rehearsing and applying the Word (John 1) in a quiet, musically directional setting. You will spiritually grow to understand you worth, prioritize your life, and give appropriate gravity to choice making and its impact on you and your loved ones.

  • Lyric Interpretation-Using generations of music, we can explore what that song “really means to you.” By understanding why the song was written, what it means to the people who were listen to it, and how we apply it in our lives can help us get a handle on why the song is important to us now.

We believe Ivor can provide a useful and creative approach to Dayspring Counseling Services and look forward to working with him on our team.
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